5 Must Have Fall Container Gardens

Whether you deem the ninth month late summer or early fall, one thing's for sure—September light is magical! Take advantage of the sun's lower angle, allowing it to pass through mesmerizing leaves and bounce off dazzling blooms. Our picks: 'Red Giant' mustard, 'Bonanza Harmony' French marigolds, and 'Angelina' sedums. When backlit, the ribs and veins of 'Red Giant' glow white to chartreuse, contrasting with its deep maroon, puckered foliage. We love the 'Bonanza Harmony' marigold for its intense shades of red punctuated by yellow centers. Tie it all together by planting the edge of the container with 'Angelina' sedums. Fill the pot with a high-quality, premoistened potting soil that contains fertilizer. Water your container in the morning, when the soil is slightly dry to the touch. Encourage new growth by snipping away yellowing leaves at the base of the mustard, and coax new buds by pinching off spent marigold blooms.

  Try a New Fall Favorite Use marigolds as you would mums for great autumn color. They're ideal in pots or in the ground. African Marigolds (Tagetes erecta) grow tall and are known for their huge, round blooms in orange, yellow, or cream. Try the Discovery or Antigua series. French Marigolds (T. patula) grow up to 12 inches tall and come in more color combos. Try the Bonanza and Bounty series. Hybrid Marigolds created by crossing French and African marigolds (T. patula x erecta) yield large, long-blooming color and need no deadheading. Try the Sunburst and Zenith series.

Bright Porch Container Recipe

'Red Giant' mustard
    'Bonanza Harmony' French marigold '
    Angelina' sedum

Vibrant Fall Colors

Combine the season's hottest hues in a vibrant mix of 'Snapshot Orange' snapdragons, 'Purple Pixie' loropetalum, and bright 'Penny Clear Yellow' violas. Tuck in the showy foliage of 'Sparkling Burgundy' heuchera to complete the look.

Vibrant Seasonal Pot

This explosive combo combines seasonal favorites like eye-catching purple fountain grass, ‘Fireworks’ gomphrena, and ‘Bandana Red’ lantanas for colorful blooms. Add sweet potato vines for an extra pop at the bottom. This pot will last until your first frost.

Cheery Chrysanthemums

Nothing ushers in autumn like mums. Slip them between the coleus from your summer pots for a big show of color.

Fiery Ornamental Plumes

Purple fountain grass looks great in containers. Its vertical shape creates an exclamation point in the border. Purplish red leaves and fall plumes combine well with the red coleus below. This grass and the coleus are not winter hardy in most areas, but new plants bought in spring are inexpensive and grow quickly.


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