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6 Reasons to Move to Las Vegas and Start a Cottage Garden

Reason 1: Perfect weather almost year round, (not counting the 12 weeks of triple digit heat).  Having nice mild winters and springs means you can grown plants that most eastern and norther gardeners cannot. I can leave dahlia bulbs in the ground all year. Never have to worry about a deep freeze.

Reason 2: You can grow about anything in the desert.
I have found only a very few plants I could not grow because of the heat.  Everything I plant, grows and seems to thrive. Iris bulbs do not have bugs eating away at the roots and the blooms are huge!

Reason 3: No bugs! No blackspot!
When you live in an area that does not have blackspot you can grow organically, no spray no chemicals ever!  Most eastern gardeners cannot grow Tea Roses, as they will die out in the winter.  They love the heat. The above picture is the lovely Francis Dubreil, old garden tea rose. The smell is delightful and the bush is in constant bloom all year round in Las Vegas

Reason 4: Roses love the Heat!
For some reason my ros…