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Gardening is my middle name. I have been an avid gardener for 50 years.  My goal is to help anyone who wants to start a Cottage Garden, be able to do so without the expense and frustration of beginning gardeners. I hope to encourage readers to share their thoughts and experience and help make this blog a knowledgeable and fun read.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Comes Early to Las Vegas Gardens

Geraniums winter over in my small Garden Shed/Greenhouse.  They bloom all winter and really put on a show in February and March.  the dry hot heat of the Las Vegas desert clime does not agree with them so they go semi dormant and wait until cooler weather to bloom again.

The Nectarine is an early bloomer but still behind the peach and apricots and the apples.  Fruit trees seem to love the desert soil and heat and they appreciate the “no insects”.  Other than the birds we have a near perfect crop of fruit.

Petunias love the cool weather and bloom through the winter and on until mid summer and then the heat bids them ado. The petunias act like a perennial and can last several years.

  My apricot proved to be a real winner in this heat. It grew over 20 feet in two years and has produced bushels of apricots which went right into apricot preserves.

 Hardy Stock never lets me down. It grows and blooms most of the year and last for many years without replanting. The fragrance of the stock planted near the back porch is heavenly when evening comes and we all gather on the  porch.


The never ending nasturtiums. Once planted you will never have to plant again. As the weather starts to warm they emerge out of the ground and quickly spread or climb and is in constant bloom.

Chinese Pear tree abundant blooms and mid summer delicious fruit.

Fruit already emerging from the apricot trees. Very early this year. Started fruiting in early February.

I love the lovely fragrant pink blooms of my Gala apple.  So early and bears well.

The lovely blooms of my Gala apple tree.

I love the contrast of the white geranium, and with so much color in the garden it is a nice balance.

I was so happy to see all 7 of my clematis coming up, can’t wait to see the profusion of blooms.

This lavender blooms all year and the hummingbirds love this plant. It gives a nice filler between the roses.

Malvis   “Zebrina” It grows everywhere, I find it in the rocks under trees, anywhere the wind blows the seeds it germinates, very hardy and prolific bloomer. 

Citrus trees in full bloom,  I will look forward to delicious oranges in late summer.

Pink Stock. So fragrant.