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Summer Rose Care Tips

Summer is the time of year when short shorts rule, blue skies reign and outdoor activities dominate the weekend. Gardeners hale the season in by spending more time in the garden. But when it comes to roses, summer weather can create some stressful conditions for plants, including heat and water stress, foliar diseases and hungry insects.Try these summer rose care tips to reduce summer stress for roses. Q: Do the warm days and cool, damp nights pose any problem for roses?A: But moisture on the leaves and the flowers under those conditions will encourage foliar diseases and flower problems.None of us can stop the rain, but we can plant our roses where there is good sunlight and air movement. During the summer, avoid water on the foliage as much as possible and always keep the area around your roses free of plant debris. This will reduce the chances of any diseases being splashed onto the foliage.Q: How often should roses be watered in summer?A: Because we live in the rainy Pacific North…

How to Design a Cottage Garden

Is there anything more picturesque than an English cottage  garden? The flora typically found in these gardens are soft, romantic and bursting with life. These gardens encourage images and thoughts of charm and whimsy, making them a perfect retreat from our hectic everyday lives. TheCottage Garden style is free form, but there are certain consistent elements in every cottage garden. Take a long look at your yard, and then draw a sketch of the perimeters and put your thoughts on paper first. It is a lot easier to use an eraser than re-digging with a shovel. Try to incorporate some soft flowing curves so when you are walking each little turn should bring a surprise. Plan your Cottage Garden to meander with curves. A curving walkway delivers more photographic interest than a straight path and accentuates the garden around it. Construct curves around points of interest like a scented tree or bush, Boulder, and a lush floral container planter.
A Garden Cottage is whimsical and naturalistic…

My ‘She Shed’

“She Sheds”: Women’s Answer To The Man CaveIt’s been said that sheds are the answer to men’s ailments. But why should men have all the sheds? Every woman deserves a shed of her own — somewhere to retreat for some solitude, to create or grow, to write or paint, or just to enjoy the view. “She Shed is where the heart is.”She Shed FAQs

What exactly is a she shed?

It’s an alliterative way of referring to a woman’s backyard retreat. It can be a potting shed, an art studio, a treehouse, a converted playhouse, a cottage, a greenhouse, a camper, a converted chicken coop — basically any sort of detached outbuilding.
What happens in a she shed?
That stays in the she shed. I’m kidding. Its primary purpose is to serve as an escape from the noise, the projects and the other distractions in the house. Potting plants, throwing pots, reading, napping, blogging, knitting, woodworking, writing, catching up on some old-fashioned letter writing — whatever artistic pursuits or hobbies a woman has, she can com…

Landscaping with Roses

When some people think of using roses in their home landscapes, they envision them in a place of prominence, serving as a colorful, focal point or accent. Some folks visualize roses as only being suitable for a formal garden or used as the rose in this pix. Roses ARE the Queens of the Garden! Nevertheless, roses have many functions in the landscape other than being the Queen of the Garden Party! Roses can be some of the most versatile plants in your home landscape. These plants because of the wide variety of growth habits, sizes, colors, and textures can fill any niche in the home landscape. As long as the site is right there is no reason you can’t have roses in all parts of your garden.
Now, let’s look at some of the many ways you can use roses.
Roses can BE. . . . Accent plants

Some landscape designers use the term accent and specimen interchangeably to describe certain plants that are so dramatic and eye-catching that they are best used alone or in judicious combination with other…

How to Grow Fabulous Fuchsias'

The world of Fuchsias’ is vast and almost unlimited. There are so many variations and colors it makes my head swim.  The nurseries in Ohio and Alabama, when I live there, were full of opportunities to own a fine bushy specimen, then I moved to Las Vegas, and what NO fuchsias’ anywhere. Not going to happen, the one box nursery we have, I don’t think they have heard of the plant.  Thank goodness for the internet.  There is a plethora of sites to buy fuchsias.  My favorite is The Earthworks in Covington, Wa. The price is so reasonable you can’t help yourself to order in multiples.  Below is my list for this year and I can’t wait for delivery. 

1.   Grown as garden shrubs and potted plants, fuchsia (fuchsia spp.) is a colorful genus of flowers containing around 100 different species and at least a few thousand cultivars. The most commonly grown types of "tender" hybrid fuchsias tolerate United States Department of Agriculture Hardiness Zones 9 and warmer. However, some "h…