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Through the Garden Gate

A Garden Gate welcomes guests into your garden or home. The Garden Gate can either say “Welcome” or “Go Away” depending on how you design and plant around it, also a garden gate is the perfect way to let visitors know what to expect from the garden. Is it romantic? Enchanting garden? A hidden secret garden? 

The right gate tells as much of a story as the flowers inside. Whether it opens into a garden or riotous flowers, or a low key desert garden a beautiful and functional garden gate is a great curb appeal addition to any home.

Gardens are made even better, too, when they're accessible through a gate. Framing a garden  like a giant peephole, offering an element of surprise and excitement. Everybody wants to know what's on the other side of a wall.

When it comes to the look of your gate, the options are nearly limitless. Your gate can be simple or ornate, large or small, open or solid, wood or iron. Stone walls and a wildly flowering arch promise a garden that's fu…

7 Steps to Creating a Quaint English Garden

Plan a Cottage garden today and enjoy a spring floral show. Planning a Cottage Garden does not take a lot of work, but will take any inspiration and creativity. A Garden Cottage is whimsical and naturalistic, and it speaks to you, “Come, stroll, stay awhile.”

A good cottage garden plan will incorporate many elements, including a butterfly garden, a small water feature, curved paths, quiet sitting areas, seasonal plants and a herb garden. Cottage Garden’s tend to clutter plants, and they have a burst of color from traditional cottage garden plants, hollyhocks, foxglove, four o’clock, delphiniums, daisies, coneflowers, Echinaceas and last but certainly not least is the lovely roses.

The first steps in planning your cottage gardens are listed below:

1. Make a list of the elements and ideas you want in your cottage garden and draw your cottage garden on paper (it is easier to erase than transplant)  2. Make a list of trees, plants and seasonal plants to buy  3. Garden by thirds, evergreens, de…

A Stroll Along the Garden Path

A garden path is usually constructed to get you from point A to point B in the easiest possible way. However, no one said it can’t take a curving, meandering, charming stroll.

A well-thought out garden path will entice its visitors to uncover what lies ahead while enchanting and mesmerizing you along the way. If you want your guest to linger along the “yellow brick road” then turn that path into a creative inspirational walkway.

Construct curves around points of interest like a scented tree or bush, boulder, and a lush floral container planter. A curving walkway delivers more photographic interest than a straight path and accentuates the garden around it. A solitary bench at the end of the path suggests “takes a sit and smells the roses” A gate at the end of the path creates mystique and intrigues the visitor to discover what's on the other side.

A focal urn offers a visual respite from the compactly planted yard. A large flowering Chaste tree at the end, next to the path ad…

My Winter Garden Solace

The winter garden is unique in that it bring you as much joy and satisfaction as a noisy, vibrant summer garden.  The winter garden is subdued, less luxuriant but in its own quiet way can exude beauty, strength and passion.

Who doesn't feel the thrill of the first leaf unfurling it's soft green coat and the excitement of that first bud beginning to bloom. It springs hope eternal within us all.
While the garden chores are minimal in the winter, this gives you the time to take a leisurely stroll through the path and not have to stop every 2 minutes to disbud, or pull a weed here and there. Winter garden strolls are a time to reflect, take a good look at the bare bones of your garden with a keen eye on improving the beds, adding new plants and if the overall look of a bed is not pleasing, this is a good time to rearrange plants and trees without damaging the roots or putting the plant in shock, because it is already in a dormant state.

I took a few pictures of my garden, I hope you …