A Stroll Along the Garden Path

A garden path is usually constructed to get you from point A to point B in the easiest possible way. However, no one said it can’t take a curving, meandering, charming stroll.

A well-thought out garden path will entice its visitors to uncover what lies ahead while enchanting and mesmerizing you along the way. If you want your guest to linger along the “yellow brick road” then turn that path into a creative inspirational walkway.

Construct curves around points of interest like a scented tree or bush, boulder, and a lush floral container planter. A curving walkway delivers more photographic interest than a straight path and accentuates the garden around it.
A solitary bench at the end of the path suggests “takes a sit and smells the roses” A gate at the end of the path creates mystique and intrigues the visitor to discover what's on the other side.

A focal urn offers a visual respite from the compactly planted yard. A large flowering Chaste tree at the end, next to the path adds wonderful fragrance and color. 

A leading garden paths ends with a quiet spot for reading and relaxing. Pavers set in a horizontal pattern create visual interest on the walkway. Large pavers vividly mark the end of the path, leading to an arbor and a comfortable chair. A potted container garden lends to the overall peaceful and serene setting.

  This Garden Gate welcomes its visitor to a warm garden sanctuary. Aromatic herbs planted between the flagstones releases an enticing aroma as you leisurely meander along the path. 


 primeval garden path with visually stunning white on white ending with a white stone planter creates a subtle peaceful English garden venue.   
This classic design has all the elements needed for a balanced garden path. Trees, flowers and a herringbone path, create interest, scale and structure.

 The latticework fence conceals the garden from passerby’s. Lush planting with perennials create color and texture.  


A streamlined, simple yet elegant path creates a quiet beauty. A gravel path leads to a large container to mark the end of the walkway.

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