The Secret to Growing Beautiful Orchids

Every Garden lover, whether you actually have a garden or not will eventually try their hand at growing orchids. The beauty of the orchid is known to anyone who has ever glanced in a florist’s window. But the breathless suspense of watching the growth of an orchid is only known to those fortunate enough to own one. Orchids are so popular even your local grocery stores and big box stores sell them. Orchids are so breathtakingly beautiful it is hard to resist buying one.

 My BBF and I travel to find orchid gardens. We went to Barbados, the Kuekenhof Gardens in Holland, and even in her hometown of Miami, Fl.

To my chagrin I have purchased dozens of orchids only to have them die before my eyes. I just could not get an orchid to live for me, then my neighbor presented me with an orchid as a gift and this time I was determined to keep it not only alive but thriving.

I found these two books “Orchid Secrets Revealed” and “Ultimate Orchid Fertilizer: Top Secret Recipes”. If you'd like to grow outrageously more spectacular orchids easily without waiting months and without spending a fortune, then take a look at these online books. Secrets

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 If you’d like to grow the healthiest orchids around and keep them alive for fiveseveneven eight or ten years (all while being the envy of every orchid-lover around), then this might be one of the most important books you’ll ever read.

It is both an exciting (and yet intimidating) experience to tend to your first (or hundredth) orchid. And if you’re just starting out (or even if you’ve been growing orchids for a while), trying to find quality orchid-growing information is tough! Enjoy for orchid pictures and see what you can have in your own home. I am growing these in my little greenhouse/garden shed.

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