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Gardening is my middle name. I have been an avid gardener for 50 years.  My goal is to help anyone who wants to start a Cottage Garden, be able to do so without the expense and frustration of beginning gardeners. I hope to encourage readers to share their thoughts and experience and help make this blog a knowledgeable and fun read.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Garden Books

Antique Roses for the South
        Antique Roses for the South


         Amazon Price: $20.93

The Layered Garden The Layered Garden: Design Lessons for Year-Round Beauty from Brandywine Cottage

Amazon Price: $24.59

Everyday rosesEveryday Roses: How to Grow Knock Out® and Other Easy-Care Garden Roses
Amazon Price: $17.00 

The Rose      The Rose    by David Austin

     Amazon Price: $56.89

         Right Rose Right PlaceRight Rose, Right Place

          Amazon Price: $22.47

 Old Roses
    Old Roses

   Amazon  Price: $18.63

Empress sof the Garden       Empress of the Garden

        Amazon Price: $28.50

ebook cover         Cottage Garden Roses ebook  Price $2.99

“How to Grow the Best, Mouth-Watering Citrus Fruit Ever”


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Family Survival Garden Click Here!


Garden Secrets Click Here!  

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