‘Pretty in Pink’ Roses

I am invariably drawn to pink roses.  When I think  roses I think in ‘Pink’  I have other colors or roses in my garden but pink roses are by far the dominant color.  These pink roses blooming now in my garden are outstanding pink bloomers in the field of colored roses.

DSC03222                                                                            ELECTRON
This is an outstanding example of a perfect pink rose. It starts it’s journey with almost perfect pointed buds and opens into a large mass of double blooms that fill the bush.

pretty-jessica-1PRETTY JESSICA 
What can I say about this rose that the picture doesn’t say? It is a beautiful delicate mass of blooms and fragrance.
                   GREAT CENTURY   


       Honore de Balzac    

                 General Schblinski

                                                                 Général Schablikine

All of the above roses are excellent repeat bloomers and do very well in the hot dry desert climate.  General Schablikine is a tea rose that grows very large and is covered in pinkish blooms.

DSC03227   DSC03225
                              PEACE                                          ZEPHRINE DROUGHIN                       


Heirloom is probably more purple than pink, but I listed it because the blooms and fragrance is so lovely.

cornelia                                                                                  Cornelia  
This outstanding rose cannot be contained, it will grow to the Moon and back. Dainty clusters of pink florets cover this bush.

 DSC03236           FEDERICK MISTRAL             

Tournament of Roses                                           Frederick Mistral                                  

Lady Caroline Testout            Mme. Caroline Testout is an vigorous climber with large balled blooms and a delightful fragrance.               
      mme isaac peirre

The large purple pink blooms on Mme. Isaac Pierre words cannot describe the blooms and fragrance of this rose. It grows to over 15 ft. and only blooms in the spring but so well worth having this rose even for a short period of time.

Heritage David Austen Rose

Awakening Climber


Sexy Rexy

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