Secret Gardens

Secret gardens are small gardens with a quiet place for contemplation. They can include shade, water features, benches, trellis, a variety of colors and textures, and perhaps an element of surprise.

A Secret garden should not be an open area, as the name implies the garden should be somewhat hidden, it can even have an entrance door, as in "The Secret Garden".


this has all the elements of a secret garden, wall enclosure for intimacy, interesting architecture, soft flowers, pots, seating
 secret gardens are often found in a previously neglected side yard. The  site already has a one sided enclosure, and an entrance gate. This is a lush secret garden I wouldn't mind spending an afternoon in.

entrance to a secret garden is very important. It can be grand, or simple. An arbor covered by wisteria or roses, or perhaps a wooden gate and a simple door hint at mysteries and wonders found inside.

fences add support to climbing roses

Seating is important to a secret garden whether a swing or comfy chair one must have a place to stop and rest or read a book.

Water features add a nice element to secret gardens. The trickling water suggests a sense of serenity


fences creates an enclosed, secret space while still allowing light and air to circulate. Lush foliage against a white fall is a classic touch.

an entrance gate suggest an element of surprise behind the doors.







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