How to Make a Storybook Cottage Garden

No other type of landscape can enchant quite like a cottage garden. Charming mixes of flowers, edibles, perennials, shrubs, annuals, espaliered fruit trees, evergreens and more give these gardens a wide variety of colors, heights, and shapes, creating storybook surroundings. Their anything-goes style makes them a great way to dip into gardening if you haven’t tried it before. Before you dig in a trowel, let these 12 delightful examples inspire you.


3. Some architecture insists on a cottage garden. A house in England with a thatched roof would look as though it forgot to put on its pants without a cottage garden dressing it. Stone walls, wild mounds of flowers, plants of different heights and lots of color make this home a wonderland.

4. Still, boundaries are made to be broken. Plants that climb, creep and spill over walls and fences are ideal.

5. No straight lines are required. A meandering edge suits these mounds of flowers just fine. This garden gets a bit of order by arranging the flowers from lowest to highest from front to back.

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