What’s Growing in Your Cottage Garden?

Summer has finally exhaled its final breathe and with it came a mildly cool wind heralding in the lazy days of Autumn.  Living in the arid desert climate most of the year, fall is our glorious time for planting and enjoying the cottage garden to the full.  I planted five new roses, I always have room for a few more roses. I took the chance and planted  sunny daffodils and about 30 pink tulips for the spring. Cleaning the garden for the winter planting took time, as the gallardias and free seeded marigolds have taken over the garden. Last but not least I finished a new bed with a new concrete water feature with a nice gurgling waterfall. I call it my Memory Garden.

Princess de Monaco

This is the Princess de Monaco Rose. I have admired it for many years and when my local nursery had it on sale this past week I decided to splurge and pay the $7 for it. It is a very beautiful rose.

gingersnap rose

This perky rose is Gingersnap a floribunda. Who can resist this color. It added a bright smooth to a new bed I added.

Barbara Striensand rose

This lovely specimen is the Barbara Striesand rose. I normally do not plant many Hybrid Teas, but this darling was an exception to the rule. Very fragrant too.

Ebb Tide

Purple in my garden is a passion of mine and this purple rose is an exceptional color and floriferous bloomer to boot.

angel face

What cottage garden could be without this lovely Angel Face rose. It flowers freely, is fragrant and very hardy.

nasturum          Nasturums

In the desert garden Nasturtium bloom freely. I always buy a nice packet of trailing multi colored variety. This group is already blooming.

petunia petunias

Petunias do well in the winter months when the weather is cooler. The scorching hot sun burns the leaves and flowers in the heat of the Desert Sun.

snapdragons stock

Snapdragons and stock round off the blooming flowers in my winter garden. What is blooming in your cottage garden?

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