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Gardening is my middle name. I have been an avid gardener for 50 years.  My goal is to help anyone who wants to start a Cottage Garden, be able to do so without the expense and frustration of beginning gardeners. I hope to encourage readers to share their thoughts and experience and help make this blog a knowledgeable and fun read.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Are You Crazy in Love with Containers?

image0-007Containers are a great way to try new plants and the world of perennials has never been so diverse or so useful. New varieties offer more colorful foliage and longer bloom times and dwarf habits that are perfect for small container gardens.

         Artful Container Combinations
Match Plants.  Assemble Plants with similar growing conditions, with as succulents in a terra cotta pot on a sunny porch, or shade loving hostas, and bleeding hearts.
Connect colors.  Try choosing pot color and plant colors to give a unifying thread in the collection.
Provide steady maintenance: To get the most out of your containers you must pay attention to watering, fertilizing and grooming.  Most soilless mixes' don’t container enough nutrients to support plant growth for any le3ngth of time and frequent watering quickly washes out whatever nutrients are present.  At planting time sprinkle with a slow-release fertilizer onto the soil surface.  When you water take time to groom, remove any spent blossoms and brown leaves.
Experiment.  Containers are a great way to try new plants especially ones that need a little more attention than traditional landscape plants.  Do your homework and research growing needs and care.

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