How to Build Your Own Birdhouse

Spring is definitely here and the birds have arrived.  Spring gives me the impetus to create new things and the first  item on my list was a new birdhouse  for my feathered friends.  Now mind you I am not a wood craftsman, but I saw some birdhouses online that I liked and so I thought I could copy them.  Let’s just say, there are so many mistakes in this birdhouse, it might be condemned by the Board of Birdhouse Housing Authority.  The finished product though looked good enough that my husband conceded to hang it on the post for me.  I have posted pictures of the steps I took (of course leaving out the mistakes) and maybe this will inspire you to build your own birdhouse this spring.

I had all the scrap particle board and plywood, so all I had to do is come up with a plan to build.

DSC02456 - Copy
My husband just could not resist taking a picture of me endeavoring to start my new Birdhouse.

DSC02458 - Copy
I went BIG, so now it is a Bird Condo.

Three house and three colors

Finished product now hanging on my post.

Can Birds read?


Side view and as you can see the first order of business was the birds pooped on their new house.  What did I expect??

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