10 Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas


There is no better way to extend your garden and gardening season than with containers. This is where your imagination can go wild. You can use virtually any pot or container and add a plethora of plants to your hearts desire. This is certainly where a gardeners creativity can soar.  I went online to see what outstanding arrangements I could find and share with my friends, below you will see what I found, I love the fact you have a list of what plants to add to your container so it will make it super easy for you in creating your container garden.  Thank you BHG for sharing.


Tulips, Pansies Foxgloves, & Grasses

When planning your flowerbeds, buy extra plants for accents. These containers were planted with flowers left over from the borders. Not only do the containers look great, but also they tie back into the colors of the adjacent walk.


Bring on Spring!

Combine daffodils with citrus hues and fragrant seasonal blooms for colorful containers that keep on giving. This trio combines floriferous 'Superbells Dreamsicle' calibrachoa, fragrant 'Snow Princess' sweet alyssum, and cool-weather 'Sunsatia Lemon' nemesia.

Pansies, Violas, Panolas, Grass & Ivy

  Orange pansies, violas, and Panolas provide a warm autumnal welcome in this grouping. Try pairing colorful and distinctive flowers like these with a textural plant, like a grass.

Coleus Container

Unlike cut blooms, a living flower arrangement planted in a container gives you color and beauty for months. Combine plants that thrive in the same growing conditions and offer colors and textures that complement each other.

Hostas, Violas & Blue Phlox

Consider using a cast-concrete pool for a miniature garden. Because these pools are made to accommodate plumbing, there are already holes in the bottom that allow for drainage.

Trailing Petunias

Add color to your outdoor party with potted plants. There’s no need for a patterned tablecloth here. Potted petunias add all the color you need under the glass-top dining table.

Lettuce & Ornamentals

Use unique containers like vintage wooden boxes and buckets as container gardens. Be sure to drill drainage holes before planting. This variety of planters is filled with a mix of edibles, like lettuce, and decoratives, like marigolds and geraniums.

Cascading Geraniums

Mini Cascade ivy geraniums take the South’s summer heat and keep on blooming.

Bargain Blooms

Take advantage of seasonal sales at your local nursery, and stock up on popular plants. Keep them in their nursery pots, and display them in galvanized buckets on the porch until you are ready to plant them in your garden. Recreate this look with gerbera daisies, salvias, shasta daisies, daylilies, and sweet potato vines.

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